1. “The heart to conceive, the understanding to direct and the hands to execute.....”

  2.             .....Umberto Boccioni

  1. “Real generosity toward the future consists in giving all to what is present”

  2.                    .......Albert Camus


  1. “Travel strikes with force at  our powers of appreciation and joy, cracking open that which might otherwise go unnoticed, piercing our inner soul......”

  2.       from The Power of Travel

  3. by Steve Zikman


With my painting, “Florentine Gold” at the Shenzhen Art Museum in Shenzhen, China, December 10, 2013.

Traveling to the Shenzhen International Watercolor Biennial Exhibition in Shenzhen, China, in December, 2013, was a most amazing experience. The exhibit was outstandingly impressive as was the opportunity to meet and connect with artists from all over the world.  Photos of my painting, “Florentine Gold”, are shown below. 

               Last summer, August, 2014,  found me on the road again...this time to Belgium for the International Eau en Coulours exhibit  where my painting, “Baglioni Window” was included.  Again, I had the fabulous opportunity to meet and network with other international artists.  And, had a fabulous time!!                                     


Beneath my painting with fellow exhibitors, Stanislaw Zoladz (Sweden) and  Pasqualino Fracasso (Italy).

In front of two traditional posters of the exhibit (left)and posing with the  five other American artists who traveled to  China to attend the Grand Opening and Celebration Dinner (right).


I am often asked what it is like to be an artist. Usually by someone who is not a painter or does not live with one. I’m also certain that my husband would not answer this question in the same way that I do.

From my perspective, the emotional highs are incredible. The despair, intense. I keep strange hours. I am acutely aware of color and design everywhere - often to the point of distraction!  I stare at skies and empty fields, making mental notes of color changes, pigment combinations and compositional considerations...much the same as a writer makes notes of ideas and impressions. In fact, I do that as well. My studio is overflowing with artwork and supplies. I have boxes and boxes of reference material and my camera is practically an extension of my body. I am never “not” an artist. Art  and family consume my life and make me insanely happy!

That’s the perspective from the inside. On the outside, I like to think I appear much more organized!  My art has taken me to incredibly interesting places. One of my favorite quotes is from a little book entitled The Power of Travel and states, “Travel strikes with force at our powers of appreciation and joy, cracking open that which might otherwise go unnoticed, piercing our inner soul....” I hold this as my Mantra when traveling and try, try, try to absorb it all...to keep it in my heart and push my horizons. Translating even a little bit into paint is a constant challenge...and I keep working to get better at it....To be more insightful.... To tell a bigger story.  I tell my students, “All that is necessary to paint well is to be sincere...” (Maurice Denis). Everything else can be taught. And never stop learning. 


The subject matter that consumes me evolves continuously. Ranging from Landscapes: landscapes that include rivers, skies, silent fields and trumpeting foliage...to Portraits: portraits of places and things that are depicted in strong patterns of sunlight and shadow....portraits of people in their environment... portraits of people in moments of displaying their souls...and texture...actual physical texture as well as what I would describe as the texture of life :-))


Watercolor is what stirs my soul. I’m in love with it’s capacity to create beautiful washes..... in the way that the paint explodes with color....in the transparency and texture that occur when pigment is suspended within the natural vehicle of water.... in the brushstrokes filled with intense, clean color....and in paint that suggests the strength and emotion of the subject.

Do I ever paint in oil ??  Yes, I do.......sometimes.     Jill Witty

“ Baglioni Window “

In Belgium - Laura Mitchell, Chris Beck, me and Kris Preslan with David Poxon, Royal Watercolor Society, Great Britain.